Welcome to the ING Summit website! If you are an ING participant or observer, please log in. The Inspiring a New Generation: A North American Summit was held November 6-8, at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Over 200 key stakeholders gathered to design strategies to build life-long relationships with nature for current and future generations. The resulting Pillars of the Framework for Action: 15 Initiatives for Change includes 15 actions that participants prioritized and committed to carry out in the next five years. Once in the Discussion Forums, registered users may participate in the interactive blog by clicking on the title of the initiative(s) you are most connected to and responding to the topics by sharing ideas. You are invited to add your name as a person “committed to participate” to any initiative you would like to join by clicking on the initiative title and then clicking on “Commitments.”

As a conference participant, you may access any of the menu items above including the Participants section of this website that lists the people who attended the Summit and their organizations. You may communicate with any one of them by clicking on the email symbols by their names.

See the survey reports and the accompanying results, part of a larger evaluative research project that simultaneously measures the summit’s impact and outcomes.

“Inspiring a New Generation” has transitioned to a broader theme: “Nature for All” or #natureforall.

The Brandwein Institute, administrator of this website, will not sell or share personal information collected about summit participants.  Personal address and email data is shared only with other summit participants and registered observers.  Participants will see each others’ profiles, including name, country, organizational affiliation, short biography, and a statement about their organizations’ efforts to connect people with nature, plus any social networking links each participant provides.  This profile information will not be shared publicly.  Summit participants will be able to send email messages to one another via the contact form linked to each profile.